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JCAP Staff

Scientific Director

 Viatcheslav Mukhanov

Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics, Munich, Germany

Editorial Office
 Cristiana PreverSupervisor
 Beatrice Biggio
 Giulia Cassano
 Gabriella Furlan
 Federica Princi
 Caterina Massa
 Maria Teresa Leo

Software and system development and maintenance
 Mick McElroy Supervisor
 Giorgia Del Bianco
 Matteo Gamboz
 Marco Mizzaro
 Cristian Zoicas
Since the inception of JCAP thefollowing people contributed to the journal
Hector RubinsteinScientific Directorate
Simona CerratoExecutive Editor
Sabina Brusemini 
Amanda de Felice 
Giuliano Lesa 
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