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JCAP is available online through IOP Publishing's IOPscience service.

JCAP has an access and usage policy based on affordable and reasonable pricing both for authors and for libraries. The annual subscription, and the funds received for Open Access publication, cover costs and make the return on investment required to develop innovative software and maintain a permanent archive. Developing and low-income countries are granted access to JCAP at no charge or at deeply discounted rates.

JCAP offers authors and their funding agencies the option to make the final published versions of their articles freely available online on payment of a publication fee. The fee covers all publication costs, from the management of peer review to the online hosting, dissemination and long-term archiving of the published paper. For more information, please visit the Journal author pages.

More information on IOP Publishing’s Open Access policy is available here and from

Information about subscription and pricing options is available here.

Read the Journal

Efficient tools for browsing and reading JCAP are available on the IOP website.

There are three ways to search for documents matching your interest(s).

Search engine

If you know some precise features of the documents you are looking for, you can try the standard search, which searches just article headers and abstracts. The interface consists of a form with a number of fields, i.e. paper number, author(s), date of publication. The author(s) field may be completed only in part, i.e. with only one author. The system will retrieve all the articles matching the data entered.

Full text search

If you wish to retrieve all articles on a given subject but do not have any precise information about them, you can try the full text search which searches the whole article. This consists of one field only, where you can fill in any text or sequence of words that describe or characterize the subject.

In both cases (standard search and full text search) the result of the process is a list of papers published in JCAP. For each document the paper number, author(s), title, date of submission and publication, abstract and keywords are displayed. The retrieved documents stored in the JCAP archive can then be downloaded either as PDF or HTML files.

Search according to keywords

After retrieving the requested document(s), you can obtain all the papers published in a particular field simply clicking on one of the keywords which characterize the paper and are displayed along with the metadata. The system will retrieve all the documents archived with that particular keyword.

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